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I have tripled my business since offering the bookieAuto service to my customers. Soon the word spread and I started adding new clients every week. They love it!   J.Antonelli.

No more hours grading work from the day before. With a few clicks of a mouse all my players figures were at my fingertips.   G. Thomas.

My players love bookieAuto! They love the speed and convenience of the 24 hour online service. As a bonus, my players began to bet on more games and try their luck on sports they never bet before. (Hockey, Baseball) A. Williams.

Started out with only five players nine months ago. Today I have more than 30 thanks to bookieAuto. The best thing about it is that they all play online. No phones. This is the way to go! M. Singleton.

bookieAuto was the answer! Running a large phone business I searched for a online service to complement my business  knowing I would still need to answer the phones. Prices of 20, 30 even 40 dollars per head per week from the other shops was way to expensive. bookieAuto gave me the control and right price I needed to streamline my business. My phone business was reduced by more than half and I began adding more players every week. As my administrative costs decreased my bottom line soared!. G. Lesnewski.